About Us

Cake Kitchen is affiliated with LSG Sky Chefs, one of the largest in-flight caterers in the world with over 70 years of experience in in-flight catering. Our Headquarters is in Frankfurt, Germany and we have been in operation on Guam since 1973. We adhere to stringent requirements and quality control measures to ensure food safety and hygiene.  Our chefs strive for perfection in their meticulous selection of ingredients, menu design and meal preparation.


Our service is not limited to airline catering, we also provide logistics support to all airlines exiting Guam International Airport. VIP Lounge Management also falls under the scope of service. “Sagan Bisita”, passenger lounge opened in 2010 at Guam International Airport which can accommodate 200 passengers. We have also expanded our service to provide school, outside catering, as well as making our signature cakes.

Since 1990, Cake Kitchen has expanded beyond the sky by bringing premium in-flight dining and pastries to serve you on the ground. The culinary team of Cake Kitchen is composed of the best chefs on the island with support from LSG Sky Chefs' worldwide culinary team. With their wealth of knowledge and experience, our chefs serve up creative, delicious and diverse delicacies. Cake Kitchen is proudly serving the best cakes on the island with first class hot food sure to satisfy all cravings!